UĞURMAK is a registered trademark of UĞUR MAKİNA. Since it was founded in 1974, UĞUR MAKİNA has been one of the leading companies in the Turkish industry with nearly 40 years of experience in crushing, screening, washing and feeding facilities.

The Importance of Crushing and Screening Washing Plants In our country, the use of Crushing-Screening Plants and related equipment has gained importance as a result of the development of construction activities (concrete, cement, asphalt, ballast, etc.) and the increase in the need for mining raw materials with the growth of industry and the progress of

Dik Milli Darbeli Kırıcı

Where is Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Used? UĞURMAK brand UDK Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers are preferred at the last stage of the crushing and screening process. What are the Features of Vertical Shaft Crusher? It has high production capacity. It successfully performs the task of crushing watery, moist and sticky materials. Moreover, when such


The plants that are also known as stone crushing plants and that produce the necessary materials for the building sector are called mobile crushing and screening plants. Crusher plants are manufactured with different features according to the duration of the work and the place where the work is done. These machines, called fixed and mobile


What is a Jaw Crusher?

Ugurmak Jaw Crusher is a compression type crusher consisting of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw placed in a (V). The movable jaw crushes the material to the desired size by compressing it towards the fixed jaw. Material comes out of the jaw under the crusher, otherwise known as the discharge opening. Changing the discharge opening determines

What is Inclined Screen for?

It can be used in all stages of the process where it is necessary to classify the products according to their size. However, the main place of duty is the product purchasing stage. Therefore, the screen determines the actual capacity of the process. UME series inclined screens have a more reliable body structure against the


UĞURMAK Impact Crusher Materials containing parts weighing 100-5000 kg are ideal for impact crushers. The feed chute in these crushers is designed in such a way that the material fed enters the machine tangentially to the crusher pallets. This design method is used in CDK and SMK type impact crushers, which are among the products


What is Primer Impact Crusher?

Primary Impact Crushers have a design that allows the rotor, two pendulum systems and wear plates to work in harmony. Thanks to this compatibility, it offers high performance and low operating costs. It can provide very high size reduction rates in breaking very hard and non-abrasive materials.