UGURMAK, It has an important place in the world market in the machinery sector and offers the best possibilities and opportunities to our valued customers within the framework of today's technologies. We take an important place in the developing world market with our expert and experienced staff in order to provide our producers with efficient and more technological products in our own R&D units located in Hacettepe Teknokent with all developing technologies. Automation technology that we frequently encounter today; production under competitive conditions, which has become an open market all over the world; making it fast, standard, safe, quality and efficient has become a necessity. The equivalent of necessity in the industry is undoubtedly in automation technology.PLC, HMI (human machine interface), inverter (motor speed controllers), servo motor and servo motor drives, soft starters, inductive and capacitive sensor controls, solid state relays, pneumatic, safety switches used for machine automation applications, sensors, relays, scada. These devices come together and machines and systems provide control of the systems with minimal manpower and minimal downtime whenever possible. In addition, increasing efficiency, energy saving are some of the features offered by automation systems in detailed measurement and reporting. As the family of UGURMAK , we have proven ourselves to you, our valued customers, in the field of automation of the machine automation sector (OMRON, SIEMENS, SCHENIDER, ABB), and the software software control panel needs of our valued customers who are experts and experienced in their fields. produces solutions with its staff

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