Stock conveyors can be produced as radial type according to the location of the facility, land conditions and customer demand. The Belt Conveyor chassis is connected to the ground from the tail module with a fixed joint. High-strength steel construction feet made to support the weight of the intermediate modules and the drive module are attached to the axle located on the wheels. These wheels are preferred as filled wheels in order to be loose-proof.
The gearbox is driven by a coupled motor. It is equipped with a special brake system to prevent movement due to environmental effects during operation or stopping.
The center of rotation is the fixed hinge point in the tail module. It is provided to turn clockwise and counterclockwise by the angle allowed. In this way, the stock amount is much more than a fixed stock belt conveyor.

•Possiblity for a more stocking area with one conveyor
•Loosen-proof special wheels
•Heavy duty axle with high resistance
•Brake system providing complete control on wheels
And below specifications as the other stationary conveyor belts;
•Can be produced in 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm width and desired length. There are two types of chassis; the cage chassis or the Sigma Twist Sheet Chassis. Selection can be made according to the place of use.
•It is produced by walking around the conveyor as one-sided, double-sided or U-platformed, according to the customer demand, in order to follow up the operation and provide ease of maintenance and intervention.
•There is a cleaning device to remove the residues of the material carried from the rubber band.
•Mechanical brake connected to the drive drum to prevent the material on the belt from sliding back.
•In order to make a sudden stop in emergency situations, there is a pull-cord switch along the walking platform.
•Dust exit is prevented by hinged designed cover that can be opened and closed easily.